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SMAN 9 Manado is home to one of the most innovative and ambitious extracurricular clubs, Binix CINEMATOGRAPHY. This group of highly creative students is united by their passion for the art of filmmaking. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, members of this club learn the ins and outs of the film industry, honing their skills in all aspects of audio-visual production, from pre-production to post-production. If you're looking for an opportunity to explore your love of film and unleash your creativity, Binix CINEMATOGRAPHY is the perfect place for you.


See our movies

We have made 12 movies, short and long movies, but here we serve you the most seen movies of all.


"Cinematography is an applied science that discusses the technique of capturing images and simultaneously combining the images so that they become a series of images that have the ability to convey ideas and stories."


Award-winning films


Qualify for FLS2N at the national level in 2018

Grabag Award Nomination - FFPJ 2018

Prawira, a mischievous high school teenager, must change her behavior at school before anything terrible happens to her father let alone her future.


Qualify for FLS2N at the national level in 2019

A high school student defends her dream of becoming a violinist against her father's disapproval and inspires her friends to fight for their dreams.


Second winner of FLS2N at the provincial level in 2022

Rio, a childhood trauma of a performance at a festival leads to a diagnosis of agoraphobia. As an adult, to overcome his fear he attends the same festival again to confront his past and heal.



  • Conduct film review activities at the end of each production.

  • Implementing the cinematography learning process

  • Film Production

  • Additional activities that are useful for strengthening the ties of brotherhood and togetherness between members of the Cinematography extracurricular such as watching movies together or traveling.

  • Conduct self-development training.

  • Collaborating with other individual filmmakers in the context of comparative studies to see how far the students progress during the training period.

  • Participate in competitions, between students or those organized by related agencies or institutions such as the FLS2N, FFPJ, Anti-Corruption, BNPT and FFPI film competitions.


The Cinematography extracurricular of SMA N 9 Manado is committed to setting goals and implementing steps to realize student film activities through the creation of short films. These films serve as a platform for channeling talents, hobbies, and skills in the field of film, and through the process of filmmaking, students will be trained in mentality, creativity, imagination, and self-discipline.

Join with us

​If you are intereste in filmmaking,

don't hesitate to Contact us!

Andre wakes up from a bad dream, trapped in a repeating daily cycle, realizing the need to change to break the time loop.

FILM : Jerat Waktu

We are in the process of education.

we are learning production. we work without any producers or funds, help us and we will thank you in our next film credits.

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